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rauður is the stage name of Icelandic musician and producer Auður Viðarsdóttir. Formerly a keyboardist and singer of Nóra, a band active in Iceland’s music scene a few years back, she has now emerged as a solo artist. Through the making of her debut album 'Semilunar', she developed her unique sound, merging electronic and acoustic elements into an ethereal soundscape. Her voice weaves together with eccentric beats and captivating melodies that take us through highs and lows, while her accompanying lyrics tend to reverberate with different types of disasters - sometimes pretty, sometimes crude - always fascinating.

On stage, rauður usually performs on her own, inviting us into her enticing world of synthesisers, beats and samples - always safely guided by her beguiling, almost angelic, voice. She is a versatile performer, easily shifting between electronic and acoustic moods, while keeping the audience captivated and engaged.


Although a solo artist and performer, she thrives best in collaboration. She is a part of the international collective and label Synth Babes, including artist such as Ninoosh (Australia) and  Loljud (Sweden). She is also involved in a vast network of 'girls rock camps' and has initiated international music projects and collaborations. In Iceland, she works together with her brothers from the duo Andy Svarthol.

p.s. rauður means red. But rauður also likes yellow very much.




Photo by Þórdís Reynisdóttir



Photo: Simon Cieślak
Photo: Simon Cieślak

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Photo: Magda Slow
Photo: Magda Slow

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Photo: Mariia Gubasheva
Photo: Mariia Gubasheva

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"The festival concluded with the musical feast from the Icelandic artist Rauður, who enchanted the listeners with the subtle sound of her debut album Semilunar."

- Nordic Focus Festival, 

Biuro Promocji UG

JULY 5 2020

Pikknikk Tónleikar @Norræna Húsið Reykjavík (Reykjavík Nordic House)

JUNE 13 2020


MARCH 5 2020

Loljud & rauður @Mengi Reykjavík

JAN 31 2020

Raftónlistarsmiðja / electronic music workshop @Völvufell Reykjavík

JAN 17 2020

Opnunarpartý tónlistarmiðstöðvar Stelpur rokka! @Völvufell Reykjavík

NOV 27 2019

Ninoosh Floodgates Launch @Hypnos Theatre Malmö

NOV 24 2019

Koncert muzyki islandzkiej – Rauður / Semilunar @Nordic Focus Festival Gdańsk

NOV 23 2019

Muzyka w Pracowni: rauður @Otwarta Pracownia Jazdów Warsaw

NOV 21 2019

pink noise girls rock camp goes YOUKI @YOUKI Film Festival Wels

NOV 20 2019

rauður live in Wien @SSTR6 Vienna

NOV 17 2019

rauður & Ilkama @Café MIR Oslo

NOV 16 2019

Synth Babes X SØNTH collective (DK) - Malmö @Grand Öl&Mat Malmö

NOV 15 2019

Synth Babes (SE) X SØNTH collective X Kapow @BumZen Copenhagen

NOV 9 2019

Off-Venue Iceland Airwaves @Lucky Records Reykjavík

NOV 7 2019

Stelpur rokka! Off-Venue Iceland Airwaves @Loft Reykjavík

NOV 6 2019

Off-Venue Iceland Airwaves @12 Tónar Reykjavík

OCT 28 2019

Show & Tell @City Library Reykjavík

OCT 19 2019

Arctic Drone Iceland @Fosshótel Húsavík

OCT 17 2019

rauður & Skaði at Bravó @Bravó Reykjavík

OCT 12 2019

Album launch show & party @Hlemmur Square Reykjavík

OCT 8 2019

Pre release show w. support from Synth Babes @Hypnos Theatre Malmö



"And then suddenly it all opens up into the utterly gorgeous 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die', which seems to sum up the albums intent in one song title, accompanied by the most beautiful vocal melody, and a subtle accompaniments of breathless synth heartbeats, it feels desperately sad but uplifting and life affirming too - I can't remember an album with builds to quite such a definitive conclusion."

 "rauður’s vocal is beautiful and beguiling, like an angel sent down from heaven to lead us on a wonderful journey through the duration of ‘We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die’."

"The title of her new track We Will All Feel Better And/Or Die is probably enough of a clue to show rauður is a little on the eccentric side. As the track builds her trilling vocals are accompanied by a marching snare and a bass heartbeat before keys fade in and the whole glorious composition is complete."

"The music of Iceland based artist Rauður is a vision for the ears [...] The fascinating single juxtaposes with intrinsic rebellion, as it coaxes with beautiful and uplifting visions of disasters that make humans – human. It’s a different way of looking at the Universe, albeit a Universe invariably created by Rauður. A world we’d like to stay and roam, for as long as possible.

"Now what do we have here? It’s one of those (not so rare fortunately) occasions that words are just too poor to describe the magig of a track like ‘We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die‘ by Icelandic ‘fairy’ rauður [...] The track sets off in a moody, ethereal pace to climax into the absolute indie electronic bliss after its 3rd minute. Unique, uncommon, and above all non-predictable. Ear-gasm!

"Allra bäst är låten som avslutar hennes set. Titelspåret ”Semilunar” är en söt popdänga som omsorgsfullt hackats sönder till fragmentarisk electronica utan att tappa något av sin inneboende catchighet. Där, i balansen mellan de tyglade popkvaliteterna och de udda elektroniska utsvävningarna, är det som rauðurs verkliga styrka framträder."

"Jedno nie ulega wątpliwości – to album bardzo emocjonalny i szczery. I mimo, że momentami dźwiękowe przestrzenie ustępują miejsca niemal transowym, klubowym brzmieniom (Bjögun i Semilunar), to podążając za całością albumu i temperamentem Auður takie odmiany wcale nie szokują. Są wręcz naturalnym rozwinięciem zabawy z elektronicznym brzmieniem, punktem kulminacyjnym albumu – jego drugą, przełomową i jakby też bardziej pogodną częścią."

"Rauður proponuje nam muzykę, która wciąga słuchacza od pierwszych dźwięków, zamyka w swoim świecie i nie pozwala się na niczym innym skupić."