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Debut LP 'Semilunar' released October 11th 2019 via Synth Babes, followed by a two week European tour in November.

The album received critical acclaim and has been widely acknowledged:

  • Featured on Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday Iceland, Icelandic Indie Music and New Nordic Indie

  • Featured on radio shows in Iceland, Poland, Germany and Australia

  • Listed among 'albums of the year' by several online music journals

Nordic Music Review on 'Semilunar':

"'Semilunar' is a pretty startling album, incredibly clever in its construction, with tracks such as 'Flugdreki' and 'Lost / Love' a great example of her ability to merge both darkness and light into one, and with concluding track 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die' a stunning conclusion."

Last Day Deaf on

'We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die':

"The track sets off in a moody, ethereal pace to climax into the absolute indie electronic bliss after its 3rd minute. Unique, uncommon, and above all non-predictable. Ear-gasm!"

Come Here Floyd on 'Himinbjörg':

"The music of Iceland based artist Rauður is a vision for the ears [...] It’s a different way of looking at the Universe, albeit a Universe invariably created by Rauður. A world we’d like to stay and roam, for as long as possible."


rauður is the stage name of Icelandic musician and producer Auður Viðarsdóttir. Formerly a keyboardist and singer of Nóra, a band active in Iceland’s music scene a few years back, she has now emerged as a solo artist. Through the making of her debut album 'Semilunar', she developed her unique sound, merging electronic and acoustic elements into an ethereal soundscape. Her voice weaves together with eccentric beats and captivating melodies that take us through highs and lows, while her accompanying lyrics tend to reverberate with different types of disasters - sometimes pretty, sometimes crude - always fascinating.

On stage, rauður usually performs on her own, inviting us into her enticing world of synthesisers, beats and samples - safely guided by her beguiling, almost angelic, voice. She is a versatile performer, easily shifting between electronic and acoustic moods, while keeping the audience captivated and engaged.

Although a solo artist and performer, she thrives best in collaboration. She is a part of the international collective and label Synth Babes, including artist such as Ninoosh (Australia) and  Loljud (Sweden). She is also involved in a vast network of 'girls rock camps' and has initiated international music projects and collaborations. In Iceland, she works together with her brothers from the duo Andy Svarthol.

MGMT: Sunna Ingólfsdóttir


Label: Synth Babes


Video to 'Himinbjörg'

by Þórdís Reynisdóttir

Video to 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die'

by Þórdís Reynisdóttir